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BCI Assessment Policies

Certification Assessment Structures Policy for all Stakeholders

This policy specifies the structure of assessment for each BCI Certification. The structure of BCI pre-certification assessment includes four main aspects – the Components of Assessment; the proportional weight assignment system for all modules of a Certification; the maximum score limits and the qualification scores.

Assessments Scheduling Policy for Registrant-Examinees in Self-Study mode

This policy specifies the process and rules of scheduling Certification Assessments for those registrant-examinees, who have opted for the self-study mode. In essence, the policy enunciates that registrants can choose only those dates and times (assessment slots and windows) which are marked on the BCI Assessments Calendar. Also, these assessments can be rescheduled till 72 hours before the chosen schedule and not after that. If the registrant fails to turn-up for assessments on the scheduled slot, an absence is marked and the registrant can take the examination – a re-sit or a re-take - only after paying an addition examination fee.

Assessments Scheduling Policy for Training & Assessment Partners

Many BCI training provider partners have license for operating BCI Assessment Centers as well. In many other locations, BCI is now appointing third-party assessment partners. Training provider partners request BCI Examinations Board about organizing examinations of their various batches once their training is complete and registers individuals for examinations on the Credent™ online platform. The BCE validates and approves exam permissions and assigns examination codes using which individuals get access to the BCI online assessments systems to take their examinations.

Re-Assessment Policy for Failed Examinees

This policy specifies the BCI mechanisms for reassessment of those registrants who have failed in a BCI certification examination. Essentially, all such registrants can re-take their examinations – for maximum 1 chance more - upon payment of a re-assessment fee. However, registrants failing to qualify twice in the same Certification are required to train again for the certification and collect the required Preparation Completion Credits to become eligible for certification assessments.

Re-Certification Policy for BCI Alumni-certificants

Each BCI certification has a period of validity to the credential and qualification attached to it. Due to the dynamic outsourcing space, the drivers of professional competence keep changing with the evolution of BCI standards. Hence, BCI certificants (holders of BCI qualifications/ certifications) have to get recertified or opt for a qualification upgrade before the expiry of their current BCI credential. The BCI Re-Certification Policy for BCI Alumni-certificant enunciates the processes and conditions governing recertification and qualification upgrades. This can be done conveniently upon payment of a nominal fee.

Assessments & Examination Delivery Policy for Assessment Partners

This policy prescribes how BCI certification examinations will be organized by a BCI partner in its premises and also the BCI regulations on infrastructure, technology, environment and vigilance requirements that need to be complied to. Essentially, all BCI assessments are conducted online in specially designated and equipped BCI Assessment Centers (BACs). BCI Partner organizations register their examinees in advance for a BCI examination to be conducted in their BACs and have to organize an examination event duly proctored by competent personnel and also under live remote monitoring by BCI though IP cameras.

Examination/ Assessment Code of Conduct for Registrant-examinees

This policy specifies the code of conduct for examinees during a BCI Certification Examination event. This includes aspects like behavior, using unfair means, carrying of books and calculators etc. Breach of these codes may result in severe penal actions by BCI including a permanent bar from BCI.

Assessment Results & Certification Award Policy for all Stakeholders

This policy specifies the process and regulations related to qualification scores, declaration of results and the award of a BCI credential to a registrant. Generally, attaining 70% scores in a BCI certification examination is the minimal qualification requirement for most BCI certifications. However, in many certifications, assignments, dissertation reports and referee-observations also play a prominent role. BCI credentials are awarded to individuals when the BPO Professional Certifications Council has ascertained that these individuals meet the knowledge and competence standards specified in HMCS21.

Credential Pack Components & Shipping Policy for all Stakeholders

This policy stipulates the components of the BCI Credential pack and also the terms, conditions, process and schedule etc., of their shipping to certified registrants. A typical BCI credential pack is a smart tamperproof ivoryboard case containing a magnetic designation pin; a hologramed Certificate, a copy of the Code of Ethics booklet and a welcome/ introductory letter. The maximum shipping time for this pack is 30 days from the date of award of the credential to a registrant.

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