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Norms for BCI Designation Holders / Certificants

  • All individuals holding active and valid BCI certifications/credentials have been duly accorded the right to use the BCI corporate and credential/designation brand properties as stipulated in this segment.
  • It is mandatory for all individuals holding active and valid BCI credentials to write their respective BCI designations against their names in all contexts where they are mentioning their names professionally including those like the social media, email signatures, business cards, corporate letter head, curriculum vitae and cabin namecards/nameplates.
  • It is mandatory for all individuals holding active and valid BCI credentials to wear and display their BCI Designation Pins - on their shirts/blazers/suit-uppers/upper torso-wears as guided later in this section - whenever they are participating in any public event organized by industry associations, professional bodies or professional interest groups.
  • BCI, its global partners, its valued credential holders, its employees, individuals undergoing BCI credentialing programs and all other stakeholders have been duly empowered to notice, recommend, advise on and report any abuse of BCI brand properties. Credential holders found NOT using their respective BCI credentials against their names in the contexts as defined in B1 above may attract disciplinary action under BCI Brand Control Policy.
  • The BCI designations/brands can only be used by those individuals who have active and valid BCI credentials and the important norms are:
    • Individuals whose BCI credentials have expired and who are yet to apply for recertification or upgrade are NOT allowed to use their credential brand and are advised to suspend using their BCI designation till they complete their application recertification or upgrade
    • Individuals whose BCI credentials have expired and whose applications for recertification or upgrade have been made, are allowed to continue using their BCI designations, till a final decision on their recertification or upgrade has been taken.
    • Individuals who have been booked for any honor code violations or whose rights to use the BCI designation have been suspended or revoked because of other professional breaches cannot use the BCI credential designations against their names and a breach of this norm may attract a strict disciplinary action.
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