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How to become a BCI Training Partner

The 2014 BCI International Partnering Program made partnering BCI even easier for organizations. The process stands more streamlined and optimized leading to faster appointment decisions. Beginning October 2014, all activities related to partner appointment, interface and service will be managed by the internationally distributed expert shared services network of the CredForce Group, as duly mandated by BCI.

The key features of the 2014 BCI Training Partner Program can be summarized below:


  1. EASY TO APPLY: An organization can apply online in a prescribed format available on This application is processed, verified and validated by the Partnership Management Group (PMG) of CredForce. The Partner appointment decision is finalized within two weeks of receiving the online application.
  2. EASY TO START:CredForce sets up a special HelpDesk to handhold the new Partner organization through the process of planning and establishing its operations including complete assistance in setting up its business management systems; planning infrastructure; marketing and sales.
  3. EASY TO OPERATE: The Training Partner Organization simply pre-buys BCI and SQBA Certification System Units (CSUs) in required numbers or of required values every quarter online or offline from CredForce. These CSUs are unified instruments embedding book-sets, and examination permissions for every learner/registrant.
  4. EASY TO GROW & PROFIT: Most types of BCI Training Partners get lucrative opportunities to participate in large government projects. In addition, there are huge discounts on CSUs and other incentives and other schemes that help increase a Partner’s margins as well on its sales and operations.


Essentially, the BCI process for training partnership crosses through the following five steps:

  1. INITIATION – The prospective Training Partner initiates the partnership enquiry by expressing its intent through an online application available in the website. This application is processed by a team in CredForce and forwarded to the Validations Cell of the Partner Management Group.

    This step takes two workdays on the maximum after the receipt of the online application. Indeed, there are certain categories of Partners, that are pre-approved and the partnering decision and other formalities are communicated much faster.
  2. VALIDATION – The online application is validated by the Partnering Management Group at CredForce and a Clarification request is sent to the prospective partner.

    This step takes 5–7 workdays after receipt of online application from the applicant organization.
  3. CLARIFICATION – The prospective partner exchanges clarifications with the Partnering Management Group and completes application process.

    As mentioned above, the Clarification request is sent within 5-7 workdays after receipt of online application from the applicant organization.
  4. DECISION – The Partnering Management Group communicates the decision about partnering and related information within 3-5 workdays of receiving the clarification from the applicant organization. As mentioned above, in certain partner categories, that are pre-approved, the decision may be instantly communicated and this lag may not be there.
  5. FORMALIZATION – The Appointment is formalized and attendant documentation is completed. The new partner also completes the formalities of purchasing BCI Certification Vouchers and the payment of a nominal application processing fee (if applicable for the chosen partnership.)

After the formalization of the Training Partner Appointment, a schedule is mutually fixed for the Partner Incubation and Orientation program. On an average, most Partnering requests are closed and formalized by CredForce within 2 to 3 work-weeks of initiation.

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