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BCI to Breed the First Indigenous Batch of BPO Master Trainers for Mauritius

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BCI Designing the Trainer-Develoment Architecture for Ghana

Ghana is abuzz with country-wide activities directed at making the country a preferred outsourcing destination. Talent development at the mass scale is among the most mission-critical objectives of the Ghana government for the past several years and BCI is now engaged in designing the core architecture of the BPO Trainer development initiative, which in turn will enable the nation install the capacity development infrastructure for creating a large and thriving pool of BPO-ready talents. Ernst & Young and GTUC are the other two vital partners in this project, currently engaged in identifying trainer-resources who would form the first, basic layer of lead trainers on the pyramid. Notably, the World Bank's eGhana project is supporting the Government of Ghana in its development of the ICT sector which seeks to generate growth and employment by leveraging ICT and public-private partnerships to develop the Information Technologies Enabled Services (ITES) industry. The eGhana project is expected to result in increase in ICT-based jobs from 2,000 currently to potentially 40,000 over five years with equal opportunities for women, and increase export-led revenues generated by ICT/ITES industry by about US$750 million. To learn more about the exciting changes happening to the BPO landscape in Ghana, just click the link:

Mauritius Celebrates the first batch of BCI Certified BPO Professionals

On January 10, 2011, Mauritius celebrated the graduation of its first batch of 150 BCI certified professionals in a glittering function in the prestigious Cybertowers. Attended by the who’s who of Mauritian ICT Ministry and government, parents, CEOs and press, this function was marked by the ICT Minister’s public confirmation of the adoption of BCI standards and certifications as official benchmarks for the Mauritian BPO industry to follow.  The Honb’le minister of ICT Mr. Tassarajen Pillay Chedumbrum gave away the Credential Packs to proud certificants.

BCI to establish International Centers for Outsourcing Studies (ICOS) in Universities

In order to facilitate more rapid penetration of BCI in university campuses worldwide, BCI launched its global initiative for establishing International Centers for Outsourcing Studies (ICOS) in important BPO countries. This is expected to excite universities as it will help them add a new discipline in their portfolio and at the same time get easy access to BCI’s global employability programs which help even AVERAGE students get well-paying white-collar jobs in BPO/ KPO industry after they graduate. So far, institutions in India, Mauritius, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya have been identified among more than hundred such requests.

Spanking New Facility for Chartered CTP Operations in GCC Region

Excellus® BPO Academy, a division of the Gulf’s most renowned training organization ITC, moved into a new 20000 sq feet dedicated BPO training facility in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Notably, Excellus® handles the BCI Chartered CTP operations for the six Gulf Cooperation Council countries and also Jordan. Er. Tariq Malki, the CEO of Excellus®, unveiled the high-tech facility in presence of BCI top management, press and guests from the industry.

BCI will soon speak in Spanish, French, Chinese & Arabic…

Earlier this month, the BCI Board, after more than a year of intense multi-level debates, finally gave the go-ahead to the plans of making BCI certifications available in Spanish, French, Chinese & Arabic languages. Needless to say, with this decision, BCI certifications will now cover nearly 70% of the world’s domestic BPO markets that do not necessarily speak English and converse in the vernaculars based on Spanish, French, Chinese or Arabic. The entire South America and indeed most parts of North America converses in various derivatives of Spanish. BCI’s Spanish-medium certifications, which are expected to hit the marquee in the second quarter of 2011, will provide a powerful impetus to Latin American BPOs who are already beginning to enjoy near-shoring advantages with most US clients. Similarly, French, Arabic and Chinese medium certifications of BCI are expected to create global qualification and competence benchmarks for professionals working in domestic BPOs in Francophone Africa; West Asia and China – regions that are fancied to become the strongest BPO destinations by 2020.

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