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BCI to Breed the First Indigenous Batch of BPO Master Trainers for Mauritius

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Wiley International becomes the Official Worldwide Content Partner of BCI

Perhaps, ever since the inception of business process outsourcing, paucity of organized learning content aligned to and written on internationally practiced skills standards has been the naughtiest stumbling block for BPO talent developers and service provider-organizations. This block is set for a fix now. In what is a major breakthrough for the global BPO training industry, BCI has appointed Wiley International as its first Official Worldwide Content Partner. Wiley will publish official study and reference guides for various BCI certifications and also guides and aids for instructors. With the first set of books due for release in June 2012, the Wiley's BCI Learning Series will become the world's first suite of resources designed for training of various levels of BPO talents and managers on international HCMS21 standards. The books and preparation material of the Wiley-BCI Learning Series will be made available to every individual registering for a BCI certification. The resources being developed by Wiley also include DVDs on videos, simulations and practice examinations.
For more details please write to us at content@bci.us.org

Mauritius Reiterates its Commitment to Global Standards in the International BPO Conclave

Mauritius, one of the world's most promising outsourcing destinations held the 2011 edition of its annual International BPO Conclave between November 6-November 8, 2011 in the picturesque Port Luis. Rajiv Gupta, the BCI CEO and several other business heads and policy makers converged on the island to deliberate on aspects ranging from FDI in outsourcing to making Mauritius a preferred outsourcing destination. Organized by the Ministry of Information & Communication Technology, the Conclave yet again proved that Outsourcing tops the agenda of the Government of Mauritius and there is an aggressive focus on making the island an outsourcing hub of the South African Development Council (SADC) region in the Indian Ocean. Most notably, Mauritius is among the very few neo-BPO nations that have the most developed infrastructure for IT and ITES industry and a well-knit, integrated policy framework for ICT regulation and promotion. Needless to say, BCI and many departments of the government of Mauritius have been working together to help expand outsourcing sector in the island.

For more details and to know more about BCI's initiatives in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean region, please write to us at sadc@bci.us.org.

Rockefeller International Conference on Impact Sourcing 2011

The Rockefeller international Conference on Impact Sourcing was held in Johannesburg, South Africa on December 5, 2011. Sanjeeva Shukla, Executive Vice President of BCI and head of BCI's Global Impact Sourcing Desk spoke in the conference along with several other business head, experts, policy makers and luminaries from the outsourcing world on wide-ranging challenges to the Impact Sourcing movement across the world. The conference featured hard talks on issues like employment opportunities in Impact Sourcing; capacity building mechanisms for the economically marginalized; economic growth models for third world countries and the role of impact sourcing in alleviating poverty and the role of governments and large industry players in making Impact Sourcing successful.

Notably, Rockefeller Foundation, which actually flagged-off the Impact Sourcing initiative several years back in India through its PRIDE program, has now effectively fanned it out to other third world nations and is funding many training programs designed to make the poor capable of getting sustainable jobs in the outsourcing/ BPO sector. BCI & Rockefeller Foundation are working in concert to identify areas where collaborative efforts will help strengthen the backbone of the impact sourcing movement across the world.

For more details and to know how can you contribute to and benefit from Impact Sourcing, please write to us at impactsourcing@bci.us.org.

BCI Set to Intensify Presence in Southern Africa

Outsourcing is set to invigorate the economies of several Southern African nations – many of them still counted in the Third World list. The however has been taken by South Africa, which has initiated a host of programs and schemes to promote rapid development of the country as an attractive destination to outsource. BCI’s own efforts in the SADC region now enter the next level of engagement, moving deeper into the south of the African continent. By end of the Q4 2011, BCI hopes to set up a well-oiled network of talent-developers; auditors; and a number of funding schemes in several Southern African nations – particularly South Africa – to help these economies embrace global standards at a faster clip..

BCI Penetrating Deeper into Eastern Europe

BCI’s plans for deepening its engagement with the higher-value outsourcing destinations in Eastern Europe have been released. With a sharp focus on knowledge-process outsourcing, BCI expects to penetrate further into at least six nations by end of Q4 in 2012, including Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Lithuania. As is widely known, Eastern Europe produces the largest number of research graduates and has gradually, but surely branded itself for KPO services. The demand for BCI Certifications and standards for professionals and enterprises has been steadily rising even as competition among these nations heightens to a new pitch, and international credentials begin delivering competitive advantages to them and to their industry.

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