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BCI to Breed the First Indigenous Batch of BPO Master Trainers for Mauritius

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BCI Training Partners to add SEQI IT Certifications to their Portfolio

The BCI Executive Board has tabled a proposal with the Global Advisory Board for approval to develop/ revamp the existing BCI network of training providers and create BCI-SEQI academies worldwide that offer BCI BPO certifications as well as the platform agnostic IT certifications of the Software Engineering and Quality Institute at Austin. The proposed BCI-SEQI Academy network is expected to meet the rising need of developing and under-developed nations to develop IT and BPO workforce on global standards.

New-look BCI CBOKs due for Release

The annual revision of the BCI common bodies of knowledge (CBOKs) was approved for international release by the BCI BPO Professional Certifications Board (BPCB). A annual review committee set up the BPO Professional Standards Council (BPSC) completed the project after four months of intensive international research and benchmarking. Notably, these CBOKs form the base for all pre-certification learning and instruction material prepared by BCI content and training partners. A key component added in all the certifications relates to an expanded treatment of knowledge and competence requirements from the vantage point of industries other than BPO, considering the rising trend of non-BPO professionals joining the BPO industry in emerging BPO economies in Africa. BCI encourages researchers and content-builders to work closely with BCI to keep enriching the BPO bodies of knowledge, pioneered by BCI. You can write to us at knowledge@bci.us.org.

BCI Transaction Processing Designations set to change

Well, nothing is permanent but change. And even the best should change for better. So, the world's first, most popular and the only qualifications and designations for agent-level talents in non-voice BPO - the CBPA® - Certified Business Process Associate - and the CBPS® - Certified Business Process Specialist - of BCI - are set to change; perfectly in keeping with the evolution of business process outsourcing, and the attendant changes in the skills and knowledge demands from agent-level talents across the world.

The transaction processing (TP) space in BPO worldwide has evolved considerably over the last five years with numerous new services adding on the one hand, and many existing ones multiplying and going up the value chain. BCI studies have concluded that this change essentially has meant that a good part of the erstwhile TP domain is now being classed under Backoffice Services; and another part has either gone into the Finance & Accounting space or become a part of KPO. In keeping with these changes internationally, the BCI BPO Professional Certification Council consequently, has decided to change the BCI fresher and specialist level designations in Transaction Processing - CBPA and CBPS. The designation CBPA® now becomes CBSA - from Certified Business Process Associate to Certified Backoffice Services Associate. The designation CBPS® now becomes CBSS - from Certified Business Process Specialist to Certified BackOffice Services Specialist.

All CBPA® and CBPS® certified professionals worldwide are being sent notifications by BCI of this change and how can they benefit from this change and upgrade under several new programs that the BPCC has launched attendant to this decision.

For more details please write to us at certifications@bci.us.org

BCI ready to intensify presence in East Africa; Uganda is the next stop...

BCI's Africa focus got another shot in the arm with the appointment of VTech as BCI's first Silver partner for Uganda. VTech will be Uganda's first organization to offer international BPO certifications and SEQI IT certifications in the Ugandan market. Notably, Uganda needs at least 15000 new BPO talents every year, if it's BPO industry wants to achieve the critical mass required for playing in the global market. Indeed, several organizations in Uganda, including the Makerere University, have been offering BCI curricula and trainings based on BCI's HCMS21 for the past couple of years, but in recent months, the Ugandan market has raised its pitch for the standardization of BPO qualifications through BCI Certifications.

Wiley & BCI Collaborate for BPO Knowledgeware Development

BCI unveiled the world’s first ever BPO knowledgeware development project to be undertaken in collaboration with leading international content, knowledge and publishing companies. Wiley, the global publishing giant with more than three dozen Nobel laureates on its author-list – has developed learning and instruction material that would help prepare workforce for the entry-level in BPO companies and call centers worldwide. All knowledgeware is being developed on the BCI HCMS21 standards, Release 3.5 and will be available in multiple forms. BCI partner institutions, universities and governments are expected to benefit the most from the BCI knowledgeware as more than 150000 people are waiting to be trained and made deployable for BPO across Africa and Asia alone for the last five years – absence of content being the key handicap.

For more details please write to us at content@bci.us.org
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