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BCI to Breed the First Indigenous Batch of BPO Master Trainers for Mauritius

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Policy Changes for CBPM®, CBQM® and CBTM®

In what can really encourage more managers from non-BPO backgrounds to enter the BPO industry , the BCI BPO Certifications Board has accepted the proposal by its BPO Professional Standards Council to convert three of the four BCI manager-level certifications into UPGRADE-ONLY qualifications. Though the detailed mechanisms are being worked out, principally, it would be possible for professionals having certain international qualifications (as approved by the BPCB) by recognized third-party certification bodies like HRCI or ASTD etc., to directly upgrade to the CBPM®, CBQM® and CBTM® designations of BCI, and the only requirements will be of submissions of some prescribed assignments and dissertations. The board has already notified for the freezing of all new registrations for the three programs from May 2013, and applicants have been requested to hasten up and complete their assessments before October 2013.

Pearson Vue to Deliver BCI Certification Examinations from 2013

To deepen and widen the footprint of authorized BCI Assessment Centers (BACs) within and beyond the current 50+ nations, BCI has decided to authorize Pearson Vue, the worldwide leader in assessments design and delivery to develop a strategy. The current BCI network is able to serve only about 55% of its global customers because of absence of assessment centers in many nations and cities, where professionals and organizations desire to pursue BCI programs. Once activated, the Person Vue network of BACs will stretch BCI’s reach to more than 80 nations and these centers will have mandates to conduct and deliver assessments for SEQI IT certifications as well.

New Upgrading Policy for CBMT® to Promote BPO Master Trainer Breeding

BPO trainer paucity has been marked as one of the three most debilitating reasons by nations for their inability to develop workforce fast and good. BCI’s partner assistance programs over the years have added several modules on faculty development for its training providers. At the apex level, too, BCI has commenced some policy level action to facilitate a more rapid development and breeding of quality BPO trainers in emerging BPO nations. Responding to numerous worldwide requests and suggestions for permitting upgrade to the BCI Certified Master Trainer qualification, the BCI Professional Standards Council has submitted a white paper to the BPCB making a strong case for – and for other certifications as well - for allowing all CCIP®, CTSA®, CBSA® and CFPA® qualified professionals to directly upgrade to CBMT®, if they have spent 3 years in the training or coaching function, and valid proof of the same can be furnished by applicants.

Life-time Validity for BCI Functional Leader Credentials

The BCI Professional Certifications Board finally approved in principle, the long pending proposal by several zonal advisory boards to permit life-time validity for CBOL®, CBQL® and CBPL® - the BCI Leader level certifications. The concept of life-validity implies that the certification will never expire or require an upgrade, and an awardee/ certificants will never have to pay again or undergo assessments to continue their qualification. The continuation of their Leader-level qualifications for professionals shall depend on their timely refreshing of their professional profiles with BCI. Missing to update may make a certification dormant, and in that case, the certification, though alive, will not be deemed as active. However, it may still be six months before this decision is finally implemented. It is learnt that once approved, life-time validity will benefit over 3000 professionals who registered on or after July 31, 2010 for either of the three BCI functional leader certifications.

Enterprise Certifications Audits going Online

In what will probably be another first by BCI, the BCI Enterprise Standards Board (BESB) has mooted the proposal to make the BTMQ® and BSDQ® audit-process online and enable real-time monitoring of organizations implementing the SDMS and TMMS standards for attaining the BTMQ® and BSDQ® certifications. The Talent Quality Audit Control Council (TQAC) and the Service Quality Audit Control Council (SQAC) of the BESB have submitted detailed feasibility reports and are working together on prototype online audit engines, which, among other applications, will also enable certified SDMS and TMMS auditors to conduct online audits and evaluation of evidences and objects submitted by client organizations.

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