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BCI to Breed the First Indigenous Batch of BPO Master Trainers for Mauritius

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BCI KPO Certification Programs Complete 3rd Level Validation

The rapidly growing US$ 17 billion global KPO industry is set to welcome its very first set of international credentialing programs for entry-level staffers. The first two of BCI’s KPO credentialing programs, CFAP® (Certified Financial Analytics Professional) and CMAP® (Certified Marketing Analytics Professional) successfully cleared the critical 3rd stage of validation and are now just one step away from market launch. First filed for validation in early 2008, the CFAP® and CMAP® programs credential young talents with relevant educational backgrounds for KPO suitability on the basis of the BCI HCMS21 Standards, Release 3.1.

BCI Commences the 2009 Asian BPO Talent Survey

Asia concentrates the world’s largest proportion of BPO service providers, directly employing some 4 million people and doing more than half of the US$ 100 billion BPO business globally. In every possible way one can imagine, the socio-economic impact of BPO on this once-poor continent can only be termed monumental. Almost all Asian countries today are dabbling in BPO with India playing a powerful role-model. However, even as the competitive dynamics change in the continent and national/ local BPO industries experiment with alternate service-market combinations, the challenge of rightly-trained, qualified and credentialed workforce continues to threaten growth.

BCI Launches the India Leg of Mission Million Initiative!

BCI’s Mission Million program launched in January 2009 has now reached Indian shores. In association with OTTET and Ripplesoft BPO Academy,  BCI is all set to launch the India leg of Mission Million from Orissa, one of India’s central eastern provinces historically most famous as a seat of higher learning. Notably, BCI and its partners worldwide are on a mission to develop a pool of 1 million fresh BPO talents by year 2012 by helping higher education institutions embed/ offer BPO/ KPO training modules in their graduate/ post-graduate curricula and make students employable in the BPO/ KPO industry and enhance their placement scope and probability.

BCI Appoints RippleSoft as its Network CTP in India

BCI’s India footprint is strengthening rapidly. Recently, one of India’s locally strongest IT and BPO training company, RippleSoft was appointed as BCI Network CTP. Ripplesoft is based out of the Orissa in India – a province which is known for its temples, culture, intellect and sunny beaches. Notably, RippleSoft is widely credited to have played a major role in helping Orissa develop human talent in information technology and computer science. In addition, RippleSoft has been facilitating recruitments and talent hunts for leading BPO organizations and over the last several years, thousands of young talents from the state have joined Indian IT and BPO industry thanks to RippleSoft’s efforts. 

BCI Appoints ECCI as its Regional Partner for Philippines and South East Asia

BPO Certification Institute, Inc., (BCI), is well on its way to deepen its reach within the BPO stranglehold in Asia. BCI is now appointing the Philippines-based ECC International (ECCI) as its Regional Certification Training Provider (CTP). ECCI- South East Asia’s leading Training and Quality consulting organization with strong network in Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand will handle BCI’s Human Competence Certifications for BPO professionals. BCI Certifications are already available in almost all emerging BPO markets – including India and China - through the comprehensive BCI CTP partner network extending across more than 20 countries.  

“As an excellence-focused organization with proven experience and renown in quality management training & consulting, ECCI should be able to contribute critically to BCI’s efforts to promote world class human competence, service delivery and talent management standards in the South East Asian BPO industry” said Rajiv Gupta, President and Business Head of BCI.

Notably, BCI offers 17 certifications for 5 different levels of BPO operatives – fresh Associates/ Agents; Senior Associates; Team Leaders and Supervisors; Managers and Leaders.

As BCI’s Regional CTP, the ECCI Group will be responsible for training and preparing BPO professionals for the rigorous BCI Certification examinations in several ASEAN countries including Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. In the next phase, ECCI plans to set up another division that will handle implementation and audit operations for BCI’s Enterprise certifications – BSDQ22® and BTMQ10®  

In a unique initiative to help the ASEAN BPO industry graduate to the next level of competitiveness, BCI-ECCI partnership is expected to produce over 10,000 well-trained and BCI-certified supervisory and manager-level talents over the next 2 years. 

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