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BSDQ Impacts on Business

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BSDQ™ delivers significant impacts to both – business and operations sides of a BPO organization. If the BSDQ™ credential enhances the marketing might of a certified BPO organization and adds to its business attractiveness for generating more business and multiplying clients; the very process of attaining the BSDQ‌‌™ certification prepares and tones-up the organization for significantly improved service delivery performance. Service delivery excellence has a direct impact on a BPO’s growth; its productivity; its workforce performance levels and on its all-round capabilities to deliver more value to clients.

Listed below are the various ways through which a BSDQ™ credential impacts an organizations's health:

Improves Business Development & Growth

If it is built into the DNA of an organization, service delivery excellence can have the most decisive impact on business growth. A BSDQ™ certified organization can therefore exhibit far expanded competitiveness because of its improved agility and responsiveness to environmental changes. The compliance to SDMS helps BSDQ™-certified organizations develop process-reflexes that can anticipate change better and hence facilitate ahead-of-the-curve innovations in services, products and value propositions. BSDQ™-certified organizations experience a perceptible reduction in costs of operations due to improved process efficiencies and also, an increase in revenues due to increased market attractiveness. Monitored over a period of two years, BSDQ™ certified organizations tend to show strengthened bottomlines and toplines and a far more positive business continuity outlook. The PRIDE approach to implementing SDMS helps BCI certified organizations embed service delivery excellence in their DNA, giving them a competitive edge in the long term.

Improve Process & System Productivity

The process of BSDQ™ certification in a BPO enterprise involves a rigorous exercise of making its service delivery systems and processes compliant to SDMS 1.3. This exercise, however, in reality, “forces” the management to look at structures beyond its operations and service-delivery departments and serves to overhaul the entire organizational system. It’s almost like “cleaning” up the organization, weeding off redundancies and “liability processes” and making the work-culture more “excellence conscious” and customer-focused. But perhaps the biggest spinoffs of the BSDQ™ certification exercise are experienced in aspects that directly drive productivity – shortening of decision circuits; acceleration of instructional communication; snappier innovation cycles; and more pre-emptive and anticipatory monitoring of productivity performance. Sustained SDMS compliance built though the PRIDE approach leads to having a system with well-synced processes with excellence paradigms seeped right down to their DNAs. The workforce, managers and technology – all work together better in BSDQ™ certified organizations making business processes deliver more.

Improves Business Agility

Agile BPO organizations show a greater probability of remaining ahead of the curve simply because they can anticipate change faster and earlier than most others, and they react much before threats can numb them or opportunities can slip by. The ability to adapt their service delivery speed, style and quality to emerging market requirements is most critical for BPO organizations because of their clients’ needs to remain responsive to their customers’ changing demands and expectations. Aligning service delivery system to the BCI SDMS helps a BPO organization become more agile. BSDQ™ certified organizations are nimble-footed and not weighed down by processes scripted in concrete. That’s one of the most significant impacts brought about in BPO organizations that observe rigorous compliance to SDMS. The “cleaning” up of deadwood and the de-weeding of redundancies that happens during SDMS implementation tends to sharpen the service delivery processes besides making the work-culture more “excellence conscious” and customer-focused in the long term. An organization’s processes give it the reflexes desired to pro-act or react to change, and the BSDQ™ implementation exercise helps build a “positive nervous energy” and alertness into its people and the work-environment. SDMS compliance leads to having faster communication and decisioning and more pre-emptive and anticipatory monitoring of productivity performance - even in the wake of emerging and new requirements.

Enhances Value for Clients

BPO 3.0 is marked by a suddenly-raised bar for service providers. Expectations of Value from their BPO vendors by clients has now come to include much more than delivery of high service productivity at lower costs. BPO clients today desire their BPO providers to function as their first interface to change; their “buffers” to adversity; and even as their “net” for opportunities, besides a supplier of services. Being so many things for clients is not easy for BPO organizations if they are still functioning through traditional business processes. That’s where BSDQ™ certified organizations have a clear advantage – they have transitioned to the next level of service delivery architecture and by being on the SDMS, they are agile to evolving business needs of clients and more responsive to the attendant product, productivity and performance requirements. That’s why they can spot a change faster and earlier than most others, and they react much before threats can numb the client or competitors scoot away with opportunities. The ability of the BSDQ™ Certified organizations to adapt their service delivery speed, style and quality to emerging market requirements helps clients receive services that are always best in class and cost effective. However, from clients’ perspective, perhaps the most interesting and attractive addition to BSDQ™ certified organizations in BPO 3.0 era is their capability to innovate breakthrough product and service ideas for clients, which can provide a decisive competitive edge to them and add value Conformance to SDMS helps organizations develop processes that enable BPO providers innovate value-added services for their clients, and augment clients’ current offerings for a higher market premium.

Impacts Workforce Productivity

HR is a key attention area during the SDMS compliance process in BPO organization. Apart from the fact that invigorated and more streamlines business processes increase employees’ potential for performance and help increase productivity all-round, the BSDQ™ certification process revolutionizes the very way employees are managed. The BCI SDMS orchestrates comprehensive changes in how human resource is hired, inducted, engaged, motivated, compensated and driven for higher performance. Its major contribution, however, is in the manner in which the responsibility of talent management and employee handling is “pulled out” from the HR department and entrusted to every department-head. The PRIDE approach to SDMS conformance in BPO organizations enriches business processes with relevance and impact-consciousness and employees therefore extract more from the system. BSDQ™ certified organizations are distinctly agile, and so is their workforce. Employees can anticipate and welcome change fast, and adapt their service delivery speed, style and quality to the demands of the changed environment. In fact, a significant bit of the productivity advantages delivered by SDMS to a BPO organization are done through expanding the workforce-capacity for higher productivity. BSDQ™ -certified organizations observing sustained conformance to SDMS eventually develop a more energetic work environment where productivity and quality remain at constantly high levels despite Change.

Ensures Sustainable Service Quality

Managing Service Quality in BPO organizations generally remains a cryptic and difficult-to-manage result area as long as the operations and delivery departments remain the sole custodians of Quality. As if this is not enough, the constant employee churn and attrition further complicates the task of building Quality a part of life for workforce. Organizations that have embraced TQM or other quality paradigms feel a little more relieved, however, as quality consciousness is more distributed and diffused across the organization and does not remain a baby of the QA department alone. One of the many advantages of implementing SDMS is the “democratization” of Quality which is brought about by making Quality principles easy to understand and practice for employees who are not so technically literate. In BSDQ™ certified organizations, the language of Quality is what can be understood by the BPO workforce, and not like what generally it is in IT organizations – from where many BPO companies tend to borrow quality systems! Equally importantly, sustained SDMS compliance makes BSDQ™ certified BPO companies develop processes and practices that help new employees learn the Quality ropes fast – a critical need for organizations where at any given point in time, at least 15% of the workforce is new! This helps keep the Quality apparatus working and in one piece - despite change and attrition. Technically, SDMS seeks to set up rigorous quality monitoring, measurement and management systems and the model talks to virtually all types of Quality systems obviating the need for organizations to change to newer set of quality principles.

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