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The PRIDEScan System

Structurally, the Release 2.0 comes with several critical changes that sharpen even further the focus on the Talent Management differences between classic IT firms and those offering BPO services globally. One major vector in which the Release 2.0 exhibits considerable beefing-up is Talent Transformation. Several standards have been added to unequivocally enunciate the now well-established need for BPOs to have policies, processes and best practices that creatively facilitate “actual/ real” job enrichment and career growth of employees. The PRIDEScan™ model, that distinguishes the TMMS™ Framework remarkably from all other standards, has undergone a major facelift in terms of how the 10 Talent Management (‘TM) Junctions are scanned from the 5 integral PRIDE perspectives. Standards-bits have been introduced for the first time to also link talent-transformation and talent-performance effectiveness with hygiene factors and work climate. The stress on Talent Transformation in the new TMMS™ Release 2.0 is reflected by the fact that Talent Transformation is now included as an integral TM Quality Junction in both the versions (BTMQ-07™ and BTMQ-10™) – to take care of the needs of a rapidly rising “species” of “marquee” BPOs that play in high-value market niches; service big-ticket clients and have highly-qualified and aspirational workforce.

The TMMS Release 2.0, addresses 10 critical strategic, process, and environment dimensions and prescribes standards across more than 150 parameters that impact metrics, practice and products of Talent Management effectiveness in a typical BPO organization. Experienced BTMQ™ Audit & Implementation Partners (BIAPs) specially trained on the TMMS - Release 2.0 Framework, manage the entire audit, assessment and implementation cycle. The BCI Talent Systems Audit Group (TSAG) plays the role of the lead-facilitator and in some cases implementer of these projects.

The BCI PRIDEScan™ System

The PRIDEScan audit mechanism aims at understanding how, all what an organization does to attain systems excellence has to manifest in its practices; remain relevant to the demands of the market, customers, employees and other stakeholders, and how they are matched to the impacts on value delivered to stakeholders; diffuse vertically and horizontally across the organization, and continue to evolve in tune with the changes in business environment, markets, technology and service quality expectations of end-customers. In the latest iterations of the TMMS Framework, a strong, special consideration for Impact Sourcing has also been added, to make BCI credentials relevant and beneficial for Impact Sourcing BPO and outsourcing services suppliers working across Africa and the Asia Pacific.

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