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BCI Enterprise Certification Frameworks

BCI Certification frameworks for outsourcing enterprises have evolved on two quality-excellence tracks over the years – Talent Management and Service Delivery. The Service Delivery Master Standards (SDMS Release 1.6 under current circulation) set up the framework for Service Delivery Excellence and provide BPO companies a sharp set of benchmarks to resize and polish their operations and improve business across the board – making them agile and responsive to rapidly changing demands of international clients and optimize the service delivery value chain. The Talent Management Master Standards (TMMS Release 2.0 in current circulation), on the other hand, enunciate the framework for Talent Management excellence that helps BPO enterprises get more and best out of their workforce and managers - and do so consistently over time - and sustain a productive, quality-focused and customer-oriented culture and environment of work in the organization.

Both BCI frameworks become especially relevant for service providers because of the pioneering PRIDE approach designed to help embed excellence into the very DNA of organizations implementing SDMS or TMMS. PRIDE clearly stipulates how, all what an organization does to attain systems excellence has to manifest in its practices; remain relevant to the demands of the market, customers, employees and other stakeholders, and how they are matched to the impacts on value delivered to stakeholders; diffuse vertically and horizontally across the organization, and continue to evolve in tune with the changes in business environment, markets, technology and service quality expectations of end-customers. In the latest iterations of these frameworks, a strong, special consideration for Impact Sourcing has also been added, to make BCI credentials relevant and beneficial for Impact Sourcing BPO and outsourcing services suppliers working across Africa and the Asia Pacific.

Validation of complete compliance to the SDMS leads to the award of the relevant version of the BSDQ™ certification – BSDQ-09™/BSDQ-14v™/BSDQ-22™ and a BTMQ-07™ or a BTMQ-10™ is awarded to organizations proving compliance to the TMMS.

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