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Business & Brand Appeal, Client Confidence

Business & Brand Appeal, Client Confidence

Organizations sporting International Certifications for their management systems inspire more confidence in current clients even as they become eminently more attractive for prospective customers and emerge as strong employer-brands. For BPO enterprises, enhancing customer attractiveness can come easiest by being on the BCI SDMS and TMMS. Embark now on your journey to BPO BSDQ™ and BTMQ™ certified.

BPO 3.0 is marked by a suddenly-raised bar for service providers. Expectations of Value from their BPO vendors by clients has now come to include much more than delivery of high service productivity at lower costs. BPO clients today desire their BPO providers to function as their first interface to change; their “buffers” to adversity; and even as their “net” for opportunities, besides a supplier of services. Being so many things for clients is not easy for BPO organizations if they are still functioning through traditional business processes. That’s where BTMQ™ and BSDQ™ certified organizations have a clear advantage – they have transitioned to the next level of business architecture and by being on the SDMS and TMMS, they are agile to evolving business needs of clients and more responsive to the attendant product, productivity and performance requirements. That’s why they can spot a change faster and earlier than most others, and they react much before threats can numb the client or competitors scoot away with opportunities. The ability of the BSDQ™ & BTMQ™ Certified organizations to adapt their service delivery speed, style and quality to emerging market requirements helps clients receive services that are always best in class and cost effective. However, from clients’ perspective, perhaps the most interesting and attractive addition to BTMQ™/ BSDQ™ certified organizations in BPO 3.0 era is their capability to innovate breakthrough product and service ideas for clients – with matched additions of skillsets. This combination provides a decisive competitive edge to them. Conformance to TMMS and SDMS helps organizations develop processes that enable BPO providers innovate value-added services for their clients, and augment clients’ current offerings for a higher market premium.

Value for BPO clients today means a lot more than delivering services at contracted costs and merely meeting the SLAs. It actually means being able to see the opportunities and challenges for the clients much before the clients themselves can, and then helping them brace up well for combating the changes in the environment. The fact is that agile BPOs are best placed to provide maximum value to their clients, and the critical driver behind this ability of theirs is their Workforce. BTMQ™/ BSDQ™ certified organizations show greater workforce-preparedness for being able to help clients add to or change their offerings or take other steps which are required to retain marketshare. Implementing TMMS and SDMS empowers BPO organizations with the right combination of work culture and performance management and skills-transformation mechanisms that enable the workforce adapt its service delivery speed, style and quality to emerging market requirements. Remaining responsive to constantly changing demands and expectations of clients customers has emerged as the most important pre-requisite for BPO organizations and certified organizations develop an ecosystem that helps employees become fast on their feet, minds and reflexes. The TMMS and SDMS guided ecosystem of the organization also makes employees respond swiftly and comfortably to any changes in client’s products or services.

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