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Our Beliefs & Values

We are working to make the BPO & ICT industry
the hinge & the hub of all other industries on the planet.

BCI is driven by the purpose of inventing engines of professional and organizational excellence for the global BPO Service Provider Industry. We believe in tirelessly innovating and propagating the tenets of ethical professional practice and service delivery across the industry, and in fiercely guarding and upholding the principles that will serve to further strengthen BPO & ICT industry’s status as a lifeline of all industries of our civilization.

We Handhold Nations Nurturing BPO & ICT…

…and commit to invest our entire knowledge, experiences, and intellectual resources in the development, implementation, and propagation of excellence frameworks and best practices for their BPO & ICT Industry, professionals, and other stakeholders.

We Stand by Organizations Cheerleading BPO & ICT…

…and dedicate our vision, energy and foresight to the task of elevating their local BPO & ICT industries to the next quantum level of performance and competitiveness.

We Exist for Re-vitalizing, Re-arming, and Propeling BPO & ICT Organizations…

…with the most relevant, performance-enhancing, and excellence-promoting human competence standards, professional qualifications framework and credentialing services as well as service delivery and talent management systems. Our raison d'être is building a talent pool of best-trained and competence-certified professionals for all BPO & ICT organizations worldwide.

Our Heart Beats for BPO Professionals Across the Planet…

…and we dedicate our energies and resources to empower them with the perspective, knowledge, skills and value-frameworks required to excel in their careers and contribute to their profession, practice, and to the BPO & ICT Industry.

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