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BCI Offerings

BCI offers certifications, credentialing solutions and industry-growth advisory for nations, organizations and professionals in process-centered industries like business process outsourcing and contact centers. We and our partners internationally provide a wide range of talent development solutions to BPO companies and governments – many of these projects being sponsored or funded by the World Bank or other multilateral aid bodies. We offer what is the world’s largest range of 18 certification programs for 6 levels of BPO professionals. These credentials cover agents, team leaders, trainers, managers, senior executives and CEOs of BPO organizations. Indeed, over the last few years, BCI certifications for fresh talents and agents have begun getting relevant for some business functions in other process-driven industry domains as well. BCI certifications are aligned to the international HCMS21 standards of the BPO Professional Certifications Board.

Importantly, we have a smart array of 5 certifications in the BSDQ™ and the BTMQ™ series for organizations in process-based industries like BPO. These credentials help them align to the SDMS and TMMS global standards on Service Delivery and Talent Management Excellence. These programs have been approved by the BCI Enterprise Standards Validation Council and operated by the BCI Enterprise Certifications Board.

Globally, BCI partners leading universities, training and consulting organizations, governments, ministries of IT and ICT Boards and Industry Associations in projects related to BPO Skills Standards and Qualification framework execution; BPO training curricula development; sustainable eco-system development for worldclass BPO talent-breeding and trainer development.

Beginning October 2013, BCI formally becomes a member of the CredForce worldwide network and all ground-support, research assistance; footprint & partner management; credentialing process handling and assessments coordination activities of BCI for its worldwide audiences and markets will be managed by the globally distributed shared services network of the CredForce worldwide network.

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